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If Every Time You Go On A Date You Are Filled With Dread and Confusion Or The Thought - Is He The One?...... This Is For You!

What happened the last time you went on a date?

Were you completely present there, enjoying the date and his company or were consumed with worry about the conversation you were having.

Thoughts of “Will he like me? Is this going anywhere? What does he think of me?

I hope he doesn’t turn out to be like the others. Wish he is The One!

Oh and let's not forget the time before the date.

How will the date go?

What should I wear?

Choosing an outfit can become a nightmare. Does what I am wearing make me look fat, short, ugly? Is this good enough? Am I good enough?

Sometimes the worry consumes us so much we might even cancel the date. Robbing ourselves of that little chance of finding romance and love. You end up taking yourself out of the game even before the journey begins.

Sometimes you might put in the effort and go along to the date and actually enjoy it. Now you might start over analysing the date. Will he call you again? Did he like you? Was I interesting enough? Will this relationship work?

Checking your phone every few minutes to see if he texted you. Stalking their facebook or Insta profile and wondering why he liked that other girl's pic or made that comment.

You might even end up pushing the guy away with your insecurities and doubts.

You start fantasizing even before seeing whether the guy is good enough for you or not.

Self doubt and lack of self confidence can counteract all the hard work you are putting into manifesting love and romance.

I know from personal experience how overwhelming the dating journey can be.

I know what you struggle with on a daily basis.

I was on this roller coaster ride. After my divorce, I found the dating world had changed entirely. I didn’t even know the ABCs of dating anymore. The divorce had already shattered me a little bit so here I was going into the dating world with an unhealthy mindset and low self esteem and confidence.

This didn’t just impact my dating journey but most importantly the relationship I had with myself.

Nothing I tried made a difference, all the new “how to’s”, the how to dress, how to look sexy, how to date, how to be the main chick, things to say to make him stay, the numerous affirmations, following all the gurus, it just wasn’t working…

The TRUTH was there wasn’t anything wrong with the way I looked or dressed or talked.

These were just superficial things that could be changed by going on a shopping spree :). And there was nothing I can do to manipulate a guy into being with me. That would be a relationship ending in MAJOR disaster!

I discovered a few simple home TRUTHS!

I discovered my love barriers, learned how to build my self love, self worth and how to attract my Soulmate.

And let me tell you EVERYTHING changed for me!

I had no idea how much easier and less stressful dating could be when there wasn’t a never-ending struggle within myself.

I have to be totally honest and say after this I absolutely loved dating. I would enjoy all my dates and relationships. Doesn’t mean I dated just anyone, I was still selective but absolutely enjoyed the dating journey.

I actually felt more calm and confident when selecting my dates. There was no fear of losing the guy if I said NO. And definitely there was no pressure of sleeping with him if I didn’t want to for fear of losing him. I knew how to be "myeslf" in a relationship without fear of losing my partner. As my self love, self respect and confidence increased so did the quality of my relationships. The quality of men I attracted into my life was 100 times better and the relationships thrived because of this.

Since then I had 4 wedding proposals and finally ended up saying Yes to my beautiful husband when he proposed. I live in Brisbane Australia with my Divine partner and our little bub. Life is just as fulfilling and beautiful as I envisioned all those years ago.

Today, as a love & manifestation mentor, I am on a mission to help women around the world learn how to peacefully and joyfully enjoy their dating life and manifest more love and romance into their lives.

It’s the #1 request I get from women, and my experience was so life-changing that I wanted to share everything I’ve learned and experienced with you.

That’s why I created...

7 Steps to Attract Your Soulmate

I’ve created a course specifically for single women who want to date confidently and manifest more love and romance into their lives.

It’s called 7 Steps to Attract Your Soulmate

Inside, I'll help you to stop worrying and discover your love barriers, develop more soul based self love and start attracting your Soulmate.

During the course, I am going to help you to fall in love with yourself all over again so that you make yourself a priority, and I am not just talking about having bubble baths, or getting your hair done.

I’m talking about taking a deep dive into getting to know yourself better, nurturing yourself on the inside, and setting boundaries so that your needs and wants are given the attention they so deserve.

You gain crystal clarity about who and the type of relationship you want to attract into your life so the universe knows exactly what to deliver to you.

In 7 Steps We Will Clear and Lift Your Vibration To Attract Into Your Life What You Truly Desire!

The course is a collection of 7 modules to help you clear and attract new love into your life. You will also gain access to a Facebook group where you will get support as you go on this new journey.

Make This Year Your Year of Love!!


I call it a “journey” because I’ve condensed the material as much as I can without cutting out any of the essential information you need to see immediate results and have a transformation for your soul.

The goal is for you to put in minimum time and effort to get MAXIMUM impact for you.

You will get:

  • Private members site
  • Support via Facebook Groupt

PLUS: Access to an online community filled with support and encouragement to keep you focussed on what's important and at the heart of loving yourself and your life.

When you sign up for the course, you’ll gain instant access to all of the above (which I previously only shared with my private coaching clients who pay thousands of dollars)

Plus, you can move at your own pace because you’re getting LIFETIME access to the course.


Because I know how life-changing this transformation can be for single women, I wanted it to be as accessible as possible to anyone struggling with their dating life...

So right now, you can get this exclusive training for just $111.

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